LLC BelAmro transport-forwarding company

Transport oversize, heavybulky, dangerous cargoes

LLC BelAmro is the transport-forwarding company, which has been working in the transport market since 1992.

Our services

We are focused on transport non-standard loads, such as: oversized, heavy bulky cargoes and various level complexity, as the dimensions, as well as in design loads. There are many specific factors in delivery, that you need to prepare: from composing the shipping route to customs documents required to the board crossing. We are providing full range of services, resolving all problems by the freight way. We are professionals in our field, in this case you deliver cargo to any destination in the shortest time , unhurt with a complete set of necessary documents.

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    JV BelAmro provides security during transportation of oversized cargo by using a pilot car, and if necessary, the police cars around the route.

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    JV BelAmro carries full or partial insurance of oversize cargo at will client. Insurance is intended to protect risks of loss, theft and damage to cargo.

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    We develop the most optimal delivery route, correctly select the type of truck, the customs place, basis on delivery route of oversized cargo. We reduce customers costs, related to transportation. More than 20 years we provide shipping without any delaying.

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    We deliver loads from Western and Eastern Europe to CIS-countries, including Tengiz, Kyrgystan and Syberia.


We carry a variety of loads, that are sometimes exotic and inconvenient for an ordinary transport.

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Belarus, 224029, Brest

Krasnogvardeiskaya st., 152

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Fax: 80 (162) 53-51-31